don-harrison-foundation-clients-ocala-outreach-foundationOcala Outreach was was formed in late 2012. My wife is a social worker in Ocala, and she often comes home distraught about the living situations and conditions of the people she has to see on a day-to-day basis. She often tries to help them as much as she can by giving food or even by donating items from our own home. She often tries to get help for these families from some of the larger charities, but is often denied, or there is so much red tape she is unable to get them the immediate help they need.

Ocala Outreach Foundation, Inc., was started to assist those in our area that truly need help. They are people that our Social Worker has taken some time with and feels the need to help them. We provide her a tool to use to help those that she couldn’t normally get help for, and it be came so much more.

We decided to leverage social media and basic crowd-funding technology to offer Outreach Projects for vetted families in need. We post as much information as we are able to in our Outreach Projects, as to not violate HIPAA rules and regulations, and then offer it up to social media in hopes for a good return of donations for each family. Each project is vetted by our social worker or one of our other board members.

We use 100% of your donations to reach out into our community, and surrounding area, to directly help those in need with focused compassion.

We are not faith-based but we aren’t without faith. We aren’t connected to any religious organizations. We have no political affiliations or motivations. We are not a large charity. We have no overhead, no salaries, and 100% of your donations go to the Outreach Project of your choice. We strive to be only one thing: Help-Based.